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Solar Energy
It has been estimated that if every bit of sunlight that falls on the earth in a single day could somehow be converted to useful energy forms, it would satisfy the energy needs of the world for 50 years. On the local level, enough sunlight falls on the roof of the average suburban home to supply the three times as much energy as that house consumes. The energy is there-our challenge is to find ways to make use of it.
With the help of the Solar Energy Slinky Mini Lab you can learn the principles behind solar energy and how the process works! Harness the power of the sun with our amazing kit! Collect and measure energy using a variety of solar tools including energy collectors, focusing lens, solar heater and even a real thermometer! Conduct over 25 experiments and activities with the included 16-page instruction booklet. A fun way to learn about energy conservation through solar science!

This kit includes:
-Graduation Card
-Heat Absorber Bag
-Piece of rubber
-Test-tube holder
-Test-tube stand
-Cardboard Bracket
-16-page Instruction booklet

*Note: Kit does not include a Slinky (that is just the brand name of the kit).

Box Size: 9.00in (22.86cm) x 7.00in (17.78cm) x 2.50in (6.35cm)

Recommended for ages 8 and older.
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