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The Edison & Ford Winter Estates offers your guests an unconventional alternative to the typical banquet hall.  The Edison Ford provides a unique off-site venue with the historic botanic atmosphere that your guests will be talking about for years.  Host your event in the same tropical wonderland that Thomas Edison and Henry Ford hosted their family, friends, and business associates.

Business Meetings

The recently restored Caretaker’s House at the Edison Ford is the perfect location for your next business meeting.  This charming historic building with its original wood floors has been updated with air conditioning, track lighting, and projection screen to ensure your meeting is a success.

Event & Meeting Locations



The Edison Ford Museum has an impressive collection of inventions and artifacts, special exhibitions, historical photographs and archives.  It is comprised of multiple galleries and countless conversation starters.  The Museum is available for cocktail receptions and corporate functions in the evening.

Edison’s Coconut Grove

Edison's Coconut Grove

The Caloosahatchee River was, and remains, an important part of the Edison & Ford Winter Estates.  It provided the region with the primary transportation for most of its history.  The Coconut Grove is the beautiful lawn situated between the Lily Pond and Edison’s Pier.  Dozens of coconut palm trees are scattered throughout this tropical lawn that overlooks the river.  A bit off the beaten path, the Coconut Grove makes for a wonderful location for an outdoor daytime event.

Edison Caretaker’s House

Edison's Caretaker's House

The Caretaker’s House is one of the oldest buildings in Fort Myers, and the oldest structure at Edison & Ford .  The building has been expanded over the years to be used by various estate workers and sits adjacent to the Edison Swimming Pool and Tea House.  Today, the newly restored house provides a quaint indoor space with porches and grassy lawns for small meetings and seminars, cocktail receptions and luncheons.

Ford's Riverside Lawn

Ford's Riverside Lawn

The Riverside Lawn is available for daytime and evening events.  The Caloosahatchee River is a sight to see at sunset.  Events extending into the evening are filled with magic and romance as the breathtaking colors are painted across the sky and reflected on the water.  Sail boats are passing by, the fish are jumping and the occasional dolphin is seen playing.

Additional Options

Special tours, educational programs, and Edison Ford publications are available to make your event unique.  Edison Ford Events staff can provide additional information on additional opportunities including, but not limited to: Docent Guided Tours, Tour and Lunch Packages, Botanic Laboratory Tours, Visits by Mr. & Mrs. Edison or Mr. & Mrs. Ford Characters, and Guidebooks & Other Favors at Discounted Rates. 

Additional Information

Please remember the Edison & Ford Winter Estates exists for the benefit of the public, which may place constraints on the property and its availability.   We appreciate your understanding of the extra care and occasional cost involved to insure our properties are available for public enjoyment. Event space is available only between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. 

For more information on corporate events and meetings at the Edison Ford or to schedule a site walk contact the Edison Ford Event Coordinator at 239-334-7419 or fill out the Event Inquiry Form.