Adventures in Robotics

Grades 4-8: Have you ever wondered how to build a robot or design your own invention? Learn the skills of the 21st century in this exciting Sunday afternoon series!

2018-2019 Schedule:

Introduction to LEGO Mindstorm

March 31, 1-3pm - Students are introduced to the key concepts of robotics and learn about the Mindstorm hardware, software, and mechanics. This foundational class teaches the basic skills needed to advance from concept to a roving robot. 

Motors and Movement

April 7, 1-3pm - Mechanical designs become more complex as students begin to learn about motors, manipulators, and attachments. 

Sensors and Loops

April 14, 1-3pm - Can you program a robot to escape a maze? Students are introduced to EV3 sensors as they learn more advanced coding skills. 

Advanced Sensors and Loops

April 21, 1-3pm - Students apply previous knowledge with code and mechanics to participate in a battle of the bots!

Advanced Competition Techniques

April 28, 1-3pm - Robotic complexity continues to increase as students are taught advanced techniques that can be deployed at robotics tournaments.

Complete the Mission!

May 5, 1-3pm - In this final class, students apply all they have learned to accomplish as many LEGO-based problems as possible by the end of the class!

Cost: Members $15 per class or $75 for the series; non-members $25 for the class or $125 for the series.