Edison Ford Gardens

Flowers And Fruit

Edison & Ford Winter Estates Gardens

Stroll back in time through the Estates twenty acres of gardens and experience what the Edisons created during their many winters here in the early 1900’s.  Several trees that were planted during Edison’s time still stand and some garden features, such as the Edison Moonlight Garden have been carefully restored to reflect the look, feel and scent of the historic era.

Today, the gardens contain more than 1,700 plants representing more than 400 species from six continents.  Our most famous tree is the banyan, a four foot tree planted around 1925 that now covers almost an acre of the grounds.  The Estates collection also includes the sausage tree, tropical fruit trees including mango and citrus, orchids, bromeliads, cycads, and more than 50 species of palms.  Explore our monthly What’s Blooming At the Estates pages to find out which plants are flowering or fruiting at the time of your visit.

Stop by the Estates Garden Shoppe where Estates horticulture staff and volunteers collect seeds from the historic trees and propagate them in the greenhouse and nursery until they are ready for sale.  The Estates also sells annuals, herbs, fruit trees, butterfly plants and other varieties of landscaping plants.

While the gardens are open seven days a week for viewing, Edison Ford Garden tours, with a behind-the-scenes tour of the nursery, are available on select days.  Estates Horticultural Staff also holds workshops and plant sales throughout the year.  Check the events calendar for upcoming dates.

Garden Items of Interest

What's Blooming in August

African Tulip (flower from tree)
Queen's Crape Myrtle
Pin Cushion
Geiger Tree
Bangar Nut Tree

Did you know that you can…

Donate a tree for the historic gardens and commemorate a family member, event, friend, or marriage?

Grow your own Edison plants?

Ask our garden staff and volunteers for gardening advice?

Order Edison heritage seeds from our online store?

Purchase hard-to-find tropical fruit trees?

Visit our Garden Shoppe to find out more! 

Grow Your Garden at Edison Ford

Our community garden plots are available to the public annually. Call for availability. 

Edison Ford Palm Guide

Palm lovers will enjoy this self-guided tour, which leads visitors to hundreds of palms of more than 60 species on the site. A comprehensive list of palms is also included. 

Edison Ford Plants in Your Cupboard

This informative guide highlights some of the plants in the gardens of the Edison & Ford Winter Estates with practical applications from medicine to science and beyond!

Edison Ford Plants - Did You Know?

Many of the plants on the Edison Ford property are used in various applications from car wax to golf clubs. This guide will lead visitors to these interesting specimens. 

Estates Garden Shoppe open daily 9AM - 5:30PM 
Garden Tour offered Wednesdays at 10:30AM

For more garden information contact the Edison Ford Horticulture Staff at 239-334-7419