The Edison & Ford Winter Estates is a world class cultural and educational resource honoring the innovation and creativity of two of America’s most influential individuals, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

The 15,000 square foot, air conditioned Estates Museum inspires imagination, encourages intellectual exploration and stimulates the senses with galleries featuring an impressive collection of inventions, artifacts and special exhibits.

Other items of interest inside the museum include:

Smithsonian Spark!Lab: A hands-on, interactive exhibit for families and children. A series of rotating stations, with themes from vehicle construction to understanding sound waves, will challenge visitors to place themselves in the mindset of an inventor. Installed in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution, who describe the exhibit in this way: “In Spark!Lab, we believe everyone is inventive. Every day we provide opportunities for children and families to explore their inventive creativity—to create, innovate, collaborate, and problem-solve—because these experiences empower kids to develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed today and in the future.”

Timeline of Innovation: A timeline of the major innovations of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Highlighting achievements in dozens of fields, this brand new exhibit will showcase some of our most interesting artifacts and provide visitors with a  narrative to understand how Edison, Ford, and others built on earlier innovations to create their own inventions.