Become an Edison Ford History Detective!

The Edison & Ford Winter Estates is a world class cultural and educational resource honoring the innovation and creativity of two of America’s most influential individuals, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

The 15,000 square foot, air conditioned Estates Museum inspires imagination, encourages intellectual exploration and stimulates the senses with galleries featuring an impressive collection of inventions, artifacts and special exhibits.

A tour of the Edison & Ford Winter Estates Museum:

"Main Gallery"

On display in the Main Gallery are exhibits of Edison's work as an inventor including the telegraph, telephone, x-ray machine and Thomas Edison's original custom made Model T that was a gift from Henry Ford.

“Edison After Forty”

On loan from the Smithsonian Institution the exhibit includes images from Edison's life after the age of forty as well as Edison artifacts from the Estates collection.

"Into the Wild:  Edison, Ford & Friends"

The Museums newest exhibit chronicles the camping adventures of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and friends Harvey Firestone and John Burroughs.  The "vagabonds" as they refer to themselves, camped  throughout Florida and the United States.  The exhibit includes Henry Ford's original 1918 Model T camper used on their camping expeditions.

To learn more about this exhibit, click here.

“Movies, Music and Dance of Edison & Ford”

On exhibit are selected artifacts from the Museum collection of movie projectors, phonographs, nickelodeons and like entertainment devices.

“Family, Friends and Fun”

This exhibit showcases the historical photographs of  Edison and Ford, their families and their friends enjoying Southwest Florida.  A majority of the photos come from personal albums that are part of the Estates archival collection.

“The Wizard Invents”

For people of all ages, this exhibit presents a timeline of Edison’s inventions beginning with first commercially sold Edison invention, the stock ticker, as well as the progression of the light bulb. 

“The Child Wizard"

The Child Wizard displays some early photos and images of Edison as a young inventor as captured in an award winning book, Young Thomas Edison by Michael Dooling.

“Hall of Inventions”

The Hall of Inventions Gallery includes phonographs, early movie equipment, Edison Cement Company artifacts, and business machines.  The gallery also has a performance stage for regular science shows. 

“Edison Electric Light & Power”

This display includes a variety of generators and information panels about Edison’s power systems and leads into the NEW solar power exhibit.

"Edison's Green Energy Solar Power"

In collaboration with Florida Power & Light Company, installation includes Solar Education Station, Learning Center and Exhibit.  Exhibit includes a "real time station" of solar energy where visitors can see how much solar energy is captured throughout the day, providing energy for the Estates Museum.

“Edison Botanic Research Corporation (EBRC)”

Includes original artifacts and information about EBRC, a visible storage vault containing a variety of Edison artifacts from the lab including chemical storage bottles, soxhlet extractions, cylinders and a prototype of a leaf stripping machine.  Other exhibit areas include documents, images and examples of Edisons research and analysis.