Bougainvillea Being Pruned at Edison & Ford Winter Estates


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Bougainvillea Being Pruned at Edison & Ford Winter Estates
 FORT MYERS, Fla. (August 15, 2017) -- The Edison & Ford Winter Estates is well known for its unique collection of historic bougainvillea.  One of the largest grouping of bougainvillea on the 25 acre site involves 15 individual bougainvillea planted in the 1960's. 
The large vining bougainvillea  at the Larchmont Avenue and the Edison Ford Museum entrance is currently being dramatically pruned and re-supported. This activity will not only improve the overall health of the bougainvillea plants but also expose the intricate, twisted trunk structure which shows the age and vitality of this flourishing grouping of plants.   The particular variety of bougainvillea in this location  is known as 'Margaret Bacon' and was planted by Everglades Nursery, under the supervision of Landscape Architect Helen Hendry many decades ago. It is well known the Edison family was very fond of bougainvillea and planted it throughout their estate.  Helen would eventually become involved with all of the historic landscape including her beloved "bougainvillea."

What now appears today as a hedge is actually composed of 15  separate plants with dramatic trucks beneath the leafy canopy.  The work being undertaken will shorten the bushes to about eight feet in height overall and remove the mass of dead branches and limbs.  In addition, a new stronger wooden support system will be added to support the annual growthand stabilize the bougainvillea in high winds, which will be replaced as an important part of the process. Edison Ford Garden Staff will fertilize the hedge in October. The hedge will rebound quickly, flushed with new growth, as more light is delivered to the remaining trunks and limbs.

Horticulturists and garden staff at Edison Ford will ensure that the revitalized bougainvillea will return to their managed 12 feet height profusely blooming their glorious watermelon colored bracts. The project is being undertaken by Forestry Resources Ecological,  Inc., supervised by Arborist Rick Joyce.  BGI Fertilizer, Pine Island, will continue to be involved in the regular maintenance and consulting services on this important area. For community members and visitors, several varieties of bougainvillea, as well as fertilizer and other supplies are available in the Edison Ford Garden Shoppe which is open daily. For additional information, call 239-334-7419 or visit


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