Group Home School Programs

The Edison & Ford Winter Estates offers a unique opportunity for home school families to learn together about the life and work of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.  Each session examines an aspect of scientific achievement, invention of history with curriculum that follows Sunshine State.

Programs includes 1 hour of classroom instruction with hands-on activities by Edison Ford Wild Wizard and includes Self-Guided Tour of the Edison & Ford Winter Estates.

Topics Include: 

Who-Watt-Why:  Who discovered electricity, what is a watt, and why should we care?  During this shocking, hair raising, electrifying class you will see lightning strike, invisible forces, and get a few bright ideas.  Warning during this show you might experience laughter, a slight tingling feeling, and strong pull to keep learning more!

Solids, Liquids, Gases: The Solid, Liquid, Gas Show is an hour long event that explores the states of matter, the scientific method, and the properties of air.  We will need many volunteers to help make fog, slime, and ride on top of a hovercraft.   So, come on out and be a part of this fast-paced class at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates!

Eager Engineers:  “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” – Edison   Well, we supply the junk.  It will be up to you to develop the ideas needed to make the next great invention.  We will see where Edison got his inspiration and try to understand how much perspiration went in each invention.

The Wizard Invents:  Take a fast, fun filled journey through time as we learn how Edison’s inventions went from his imagination to the real world. We will see how his determination and love for reading made him one of the greatest inventors in history. Plus we will see, hear, and experiment with some of his greatest inventions.

Movie Making Magic:  Edison’s said he wanted to do for the eye what the phonograph did for the ear, and boy did he! Learn about the production studio the Black Maria, take a trip from the Nickelodeon to the IMAX, and see some new fangled special effects. 

Holiday Science:  Grab some friends and come on out as we study the science of the holidays.  We try to find out how a jolly chubby man can fit down a small chimney, how a large reindeer can fly, and how a dreidel's spin keeps it from falling.  Plus you can make fun projects you can keep or give as a gift.

See Sound:  See sound with the our Sound Ring Thing, make an orchestra, use our ears to identify objects, listen to the phonograph, explore Foley art (sound effects), and make fun projects you can take home!

Going Green:  This is one of our favorite subjects here at the Wild Wizards Lab.  Edison said that if there is a way to do something it better, find it!  We are looking.  We will learn about new and exciting forms and energy.   Find out what the future holds, and what you can do in your home to harness the power of Eco Energy-gy-gy-gy (anyone here that echo?)

Magnificent Matter:  What is matter?   Does matter matter?  What’s the matter?   Join us as we answer these questions and explore the building blocks of nature.   We will meet Atom, have a few bonding moments, and do lots of hands on experiments.


Is there an area of science that your homeschoolers are struggling with?  Let us know and we can create customized programming specific to your needs.

  • Minimum 10 Students
  • Advanced reservations required; subject to availability

Book your Group Home School Program today by contacting us, calling 239-334-7419 or completing the Group Inquiry.  INQUIRY ONLY - MUST SPEAK WITH EDISON FORD  REPRESENTATIVE TO MAKE RESERVATION.