Customized Tours

Lunch & an Estates Program

Choose from these topics:

Edison, Ford & Friends:  Capture the excitement of two of America's greatest inventors, also great friends, Thomas Edison & Henry Ford.

Architecture & Restoration:  Discover the history and architecture of the restored Edison buildings, seeing the combination of modern features at a historic site and the process of restoration.

Each experience offers visitors in-depth tours by the experts and Estates curatorial staff along with a historic photograph presentation.  Morning refreshments and lunch included.  Optional self-guided audio tour at the conclusion of the program.  Each participant receives a FREE Estates Guidebook.  Time 3 hours.

  • All inclusive cost
  • Minimum 15
  • All tours subject to availability, reservations required and seating may be limited

Book Your Group Customized Tours Today!  For group tour information call the Edison & Ford Winter Estates at  239-334-7419 or submit the Groups Inquiry Form.  INQUIRY ONLY - MUST SPEAK WITH EDISON FORD REPRESENTATIVE TO MAKE RESERVATION.