Edison Ford Speaker Series and Volunteer Meeting


● June 12 - 10:00 a.m. -  South Florida Water Management Lecture Hall

Our featured speaker this month is David Dorsey, here to speak about his book Fourth Down in Dunbar

For the young men of Dunbar--the low-income, historically segregated neighborhoods of Fort Myers, Florida--avoiding the path that leads to easy money as a drug dealer often means choosing complete devotion to football and dreams of NFL stardom. While such dreams remain out of reach for most, an astonishing number of Dunbar athletes, including NFL idols Deion Sanders, Jevon Kearse, and Earnest Graham, have achieved massive success.

Fourth Down in Dunbar is the story of how one community, plagued by drugs and violence, where many children are fatherless, gave rise to so many stellar youth athletes. Using Sanders as the centerpiece of the story, David Dorsey explores Dunbar’s history to show how the same drug culture that ruined so many promising futures also served as motivation for football success. As a reporter for the Fort Myers News-Press, Dorsey had exclusive access to the players and their relatives. He shows the success of the wildly talented as well as the regrets of those who took the wrong path, while highlighting hope for the future of Dunbar.

In this poignant tale of heartbreak and triumph, Dorsey reveals the true nature of these men who overcame the obstacles in their lives and made their families and their hometown proud.

David A. Dorsey is a writer for the Fort Myers News-Press. He also has written for the Kansas City Star and USA Today.

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