Edison Ford Speaker Series and Volunteer Meeting


● March 13 - 10:00 a.m. - Buckingham Army Airfield: Fort Myers Gunnery School, presented by Duane  Shaffer - Lecture Hall in South Florida Water Management Building
     Join Sanibel librarian, historian, and author of “Men of Granite New Hampshire’s Soldiers in the Civil War,” Duane Shaffer as he speaks about a unique part of Lee County history, Buckingham Army Airfield. It was home to 16,000 men and women supporting the United States Army. Tens of thousands of men trained in the skies over Lee County as gunners and were assigned to bomber groups operating in Europe and the Pacific theaters of war.
     On the ground, trucks, jeeps and other vehicles rolled across the fields towing targets so young airmen could hone their gunnery skills. Men marched in the hot Florida sun learning the discipline of Army life.
     An entire city sprung up with barracks, churches, hospitals and other buildings. Today, it is the home of the Lee County Mosquito Control District (LCMCD) airfield and offices. Mina Edison visited the Buckingham Army Air Field twice in 1945.

     The volunteer meetings are free and open to current and potential volunteers and the general public.  For more information on how to become a volunteer, contact Holly Shaffer or Bobby Feldman, Volunteer Coordinators at 239-334-7419, or visit us online