Ask the Curator - How do you start a Model T?


• Wednesdays - 11:30 a.m.

  • March 7 - How do you start a Model T? Come join Automotive Curator, James Moss, as he demonstrates how to start a Model T Ford. 
  • March 14 - What happened at Menlo Park? Find out more with Curatorial Registrar,  Matt Andres.
  • March 21 - Are you ready to play ball? Join Site Program Manager, Holly Shaffer, as  she tells the story of Edison’s love for baseball.
  • March 28 - How does a “Tin Goose” fly? Guest presenter and Aviation Historian, Tim Neill, provides an in-depth discussion about Henry Ford’s forays into the aviation industry. 

Cost: Edison Ford Members FREE; non-members included with admission.