Summer Camp and Education at the Edison and Ford Winter Estates

Looking for some added excitement in your science, art and history curriculum?  The Edison & Ford Winter Estates is continually developing programs that can assist teachers throughout the year.  Check out the Wild Wizard Video Blogs for science experiments, art projects and wacky classroom fun and the programs listed below.

Check out:

Wild Wizard School Assemblies

The Edison & Ford Winter Estates Wild Wizard's Assembly will come to schools and youth centers to prove that science is "fun"damental!  Presented by the WILD WIZARD, this hands-on, exciting show is approximately an hour in length and includes follow-up classroom and home study activities.

Our Wild Wizard has entertained as few as 50 students and as many as 400 students.

For the 2011-2012 school year the Wild Wizard will be presenting:

Engineering with Edison and Ford

$300 for one show
$200 for additional show the
same day at the same location

Other Topics:

Thomas Edison and His Inventions:  Examine the way the brain works, the science behind Edison's inventions; the light bulb, the phonograph, the kinetoscope and his last project: domestic natural rubber.  Learn history through quotes, the scientific method, and become an inventor today.

Assembling Ford:  Discover the impact of the Model T through simple machine experiments.  Learn about Henry Ford and Thomas Edison's partnership to create alternative fuel sources for vehicles and Henry Ford's development of a soy-based vehicle.  Experience the Henry Ford legacy when your students work an assembly line.

Powering the World:  Learn the roles of the sun, earth and moon in natural power and discover alternative forms of energy such as biomass, wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric.  Explore both kinetic and potential energy and their relationship in terms of energy production.  Discover particles such as protons, electrons, and neutrons and how they function.  Students will be visually stunned by the creation of electricty on stage through human body and how we act as conductors while discovering the difference between alternating and direct current.

Custom Topic:  The Wild Wizard teaches a wide variety of science subjects.  Contact the Education Department if you have a specific subject that your students are having trouble learning. 

Teacher Training Programs

Bring the Wild Wizard to your school or pre-school facility to inspire your teachers with hands-on curriculum in all areas of science.  The Wild Wizard's dynamic presentation will have your teachers excited to try new experiments and demonstrations in the class room that will be a sure success for all students.  Different topics are offered to help you meet the curriculum standards, prep for FCAT, and help you get your student about learning.  

  • Classroom Management
  • Simple and Exciting Science
  • High End Science on a low end budget
  • Many More

3 Hour Training:  $500.00
6 Hour Training:  $1500 (includes one Wild Wizard Science Kit for one school)
* Each Additional Science Kit:  $300.00
Wild Wizard Science Kit:  $500.00

Wild Wizard Science Kit includes: Hover Craft, Vortex Generator, Solar Science Equipment and Training Materials.

"Teaching American History" Training Workshop

The Edison & Ford Winter Estates are proud to partner with the Lee County School District and any other TAH grant county to provide unique, hands-on training workshops that include curriculum packets, supplemental materials and outlines of programming teachers can use in the classroom. Teachers will make history relevant and exciting for students! All programming is based on Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. Contact our Education Department for more information.

Training Program Cost:
  • On-Site: $40 per teacher
    • Includes: 2 hour training program, snacks and refreshments and tour of historic site.
  • Off-Site: $500 per school
    • Includes: 2 hour training program, additional travel costs may apply.

Making Science "Fun"damental

  • 3 Hour (No Science Kit)
  • 6 Hour (One Science Kit for one School)

Science is a cornerstone of education and can you imagine seeing your students laugh and smile as they learn about solids, liquids and gases, the solar system, force and gravity, weather, matter and much more.  Our Wild Wizard, Glen Beitmen, will engage teachers in fun, hands-on science experiments and demonstrations. By the end of this training, teachers will know how to make teaching moments happen and have a personalized developed outline for the year that includes experiments and demonstrations by incorporating simple movements, simple slogans and simple materials.

Paper Training

  • 3 Hour Program Only

Entertain and educate your students for hours with a single reem of paper. This training will take away any fear of teaching science and the need for hours of preparation. See how you can keep your students engaged, learning and having fun with a simple single sheet of paper. It’s not magic… it’s science!

Magic of Movement

  • 3 Hour Program Only

You heard the song head shoulders, knees and toes; if you were a bug you’d sing head, thorax, abdomin.  Get your students up and moving while teaching them sunshine state standards science.  You will not only see your students laughing and having fun but you will see them magically remember everything you taught them.

Edison Ford Field Trip

Take a look at the Student Group Tours page to see all the options for exciting field trip opportunities.