What's Blooming in May

Heritage Plants Available in the Garden Shoppe

Several of the plants that grew on the property during Thomas Edison's time are available for sale in the Edison Ford Garden Shoppe. We select plants that are seasonally appropriate and are happy to provide horticultural tips. We also carry many organic products for the vegetable garden. This month's available plants are as follows:

Allamanda Vine Brown BudAllamanda cathartica$12
Assorted Flowering Annuals(Many varieties)$1.50-5
AvocadoPersea americana$30
BambooVarious varieities (clumping only)$30-$150
Banyan TreeFicus benghalensis$25-35
Tropical Begonia ShrubBegonia odorata alba$6-$12
Bo TreeFicus religiosa$20-35
Bougainvillea (Several Varieties)Bougainvillea spp.$10-75
BromeliadsTillandsias (air plants)$3-10
Bull-Horn AcaciaAcacia$15
Cactus and SucculentsVarious$5-15
CaladiumsCaladiums many varieties$4
Citrus Various Sizes (we can order)Ctrus sp. $20-$120
Confederate JasmineTrachelospermum$6
Copperleaf ShrubAcalypha spp. various$6-12
Crinum LilyCrinum sp. Various varieties$5-10
CrotonsCroton sp. $6-10
Desert RoseAdenium sp. $15-30
Dwarf PoincianaCaesealapinia pulcherrima$10-$25
Grafted GardeniasGardenia jasminoides varieties grafted on rootstock$25
Herbs & Heirloom Vegetables(Many varieties)$2-5
MangoMangifera indica$35.00
Orchids and SuppliesVarious varieties$5-$40
PalmsFoxtail and Royal$10-20
Pink BallDombeya wallachii x seminole$15
Purple FirespikeOdontenema$10
Queen’s WreathPurple drooping flowers$10
Staghorn FernsPlatycerium bifurcatum$10-20
Strawberry PotsWith or without plants$150-200
Various Butterfly/Native PlantsPorterweed, passion vine, almond bush, Jatropha bush, shooting star, texas sage, firespike/purple and red$1.50-20
Various Container AdditionsSedum, sweet potato vine, coleus,$2-$8

Plants Currently Blooming with Fruit or Seedpods


(Behind the Edison Botanic Research Lab)

Organic VICTORY GARDEN contains a variety of seasonal produce grown by Edison Ford horticultural staff. Many items such as plants, seeds, compost, fertilizers, and other soil amendments are sold in the Edison Ford Garden Shoppe.

KapokCeiba pentandraGreen seed pods/seeds in silk littered on groundOld & New World Tropics
Red PowderpuffCalliandra haematocephalaRed powderpuff flowersTropical America

Edison Research Gardens

(Parking lot side of property)

African Tulip TreeSpathodea campanulataOrange flowersTropical Africa
Bangar NutSterculia foetida5 petaled red flowersEast Africa, Northern Australia
Bead TreeAdenanthera pavoninaSeed pods curl exposing bright red seedsAsia and South-western Pacific
Bo TreeFicurs religiosaSmall green fruitAsia
OchrosiaOchrosia ellipticaBright red seedsSouth Pacific
Pink Trumpet TreeTabebuia heterophllaPink trumpet shaped flowersWest Indies
Royal PoincianaDelonix regiaBright red bloomsMadagascar
White FrangipaniPlumeria rubraWhite fragrant flowersCaribbean
Yellow IxoraIxora coccinea ‘maui yellow’Yellow flowersSE Asia

Banyan Tree Area

Banyan Tree (Edison signature tree)Ficus benghalensisMany auxiliary trunks, figs ripeningIndia
Blue SageEranthemum pulchellumBlue flowersIndia
East Palatka HollyIlex x attenuata 'East Palatka'Red berriesNative to FL
Golden DewdropDuranta erecta ‘gold mound’Purple flower, yellow fruitTropical Americas

Heritage Garden

(Next to ticket office)

Herb and vegetable gardens reflect the gardens the Edisons planted in this area. Extra fruits and vegetables that the Edison family and staff did not consume were sold in downtown Fort Myers.

Crinum LilyCrinum sp.White and burgundy bloomsChina
Gardenia TreesGardenia jasminoidesWhite fragrant flowersTropical Asia
Golden DewdropDuranta erectaPurple flowers, yellow fruitsTropical Americas
Orange River LilyCrinum bulbispermumPink flowersSouth Africa
Paw Paw, PapayaCarica papayaWhite blooms, round green fruitColumbia
PineappleAnanas comosusFruitingBrazil & Paraguay
TamarindTamarindus indicaBrown Bean shaped podsIndia
Yellow CestrumCestrum auranticumYellow clustered flowersNorth America

Edison Caretaker's Gardens

Annato or Lipstick PlantBixa orellanoRed seed podsTropical America
Angel TrumpetBrugmansia x candidaWhite trumpet flowersPeru
Black SapoteDiospyros digynaWhite button flowersEastern Mexico, Central America
Blue PlumbagoPlumbago auriculataBlue phlox-like flowersSouth Africa
BougainvilleaBougainvillea glabraPurple bracts with small white flowersBrazil
Bull-Horn AcaciaAcacia cornigeraYellow stick flowersCentral America
Crape JasmineTabernaemontana divercata var flora plenaWhite flowersIndia
Crinum LilyCrinum asiaticumWhite spider like bloomsIndia
CrotonsCodeaium varigatumColorful foliage throughout gardensIndia
Dwarf PoincianaCaesalpinia pulcherrimaThere is a Red, yellow and pink flowered variety on 3 different small treesWest Indies
Dwarf Ylang YlangDesmos chinensisYellow finger-like flowers Tropical Asia
Gamboge or False MangosteenGarcinia xanthochymusWhite flowersIndia
GardeniaGardenia jasminoidesFragrant white flowerChina
Golden ChampacaMagnolia champacaGreen fruit non edibleChina, India, SE Asia
Indian GingerAlpinia calcarataPearl colored upright flowersIndia
Lady of the NightBrunfelsia plicataWhite fragrant flowersJamaica
Morton Bay ChestnutCastanospermum australeReddish-Orange flowersAustralia
Peacock GingerKaempferia elegansLavendar flowersSE Asia
Red Button GingerCostus woodsoniiYellow edible flowers emerging from red bractsSE ASia
Strawberry GuavaPsidium cattleianum var. littoraleGreen fruitBrazil

Moonlight Garden

(Next to Edison Caretaker's House & Edison's Little Office)

Antique RoseRosa spp. "Mrs. B. R. Cant"Pink rosette flowersWorldwide
Almond BushAloysia virgataWhite fragrant flowersArgentina
Angel TrumpetBrugmansia x Super NovaLarge white tubular flowers pendulousSouth America
AngeloniaAngelonia White flowersSouth Africa
Bougainvillea, 'Barbara Karst'Bougainvillea spectabilisRed bracts; white flowersBrazil
PentasPentas lanceolataClustered umbels of white star shaped flowersEast Africa
Prosperity RoseRosa spp. "Prosperity"Antique white climbing roseWorldwide
Tropical BegoniaBegonia odorata albaWhite flowersTropics
Water LilyNymphaea spp.Fragrant large lavender & pink flowersHybrids
White & Blue PlumbagoPlumbago auriculata and albaWhite and blue phlox-like flowersTropical World

Edison Pool Area

Banana Musa acuminataFruits visibleSoutheast Asia and Australia
FirebushHamelia patensRed/orange flowersFlorida native
FrangipaniPlumeria rubra (many varieties and colors)Fragrant flowers many colorsTropical Americas

Edison Rose Garden

(Next to Edison Ford House)

A formal garden of antique roses, representing Mina Edison’s interest in roses, has been installed on the north side of the Edison House. A long list of her roses is in the Edison archives. Roses with an *asterisk were on Mina’s 1929 list.

Blush Noisette (1817)Noisette roseCupped double blush white flowersChina
Catherine II (pre 1826)China-tea roseLight pink flower, strong fragranceChina
Catherine Mermet (1869) *Tea roseOn Mina Edison’s 1920 rose list; cameo-colored flowers with pink tones at edgesChina
Cornelia (1919)Hybrid musk roseCoral buds open to pink flowers with gold stamensEngland
Enchantress (1904)Tea roseDouble flowers of dark rose-pink fade to near crimson with touch of yellow at baseChina
Fellenberg (1835)Noisette roseLoose rosy scarlet bloomsChina
Louis Phillipe (1834)China roseDouble deep crimson flowers with a blush centerChina
Madame Josephine Schwartz (1880) *Noisette roseOn Mina Edison’s 1920 rose list; white cabbage- shaped flowers China
Mademoiselle Franziska Kruger (1880)*Tea roseWhite, near white, or white blended with pink flowersChina
Maitland White (date unknown)Noisette roseWhite flowersUnknown
Maman Cochet (1893)Tea roseCreamy pink flowers with yellow at centerFrance
Mrs. Dudley Cross (1907)Tea roseDouble yellow flowers that blush pink in sunChina
Mutabilis (1894)China roseFlower opens yellow, changes to orange to pink and then crimsonChina
Rubens (1859)Tea roseTawny color flower with shades of roseChina
Safrano (1839) *Tea RoseLoose apricot pink flowersFrance
Vincent Godsif (date unknown)Bermuda mystery – found roseSemi-double flowers range from mauve to dusty pinkPossibly China

Edison Main House Gardens

Bougainvillea ‘Barbara Karst’Bougainvillea sp. fushia bractsBrazil
Cluster FigFicus racemosaGreen fruit on trunkAsia
Formosa PalmArenga ergleriRed and yellow fruit-not edibleTaiwan & Japan
Inch PlantTradescania zebrinaPurple bloomsMexico
Roses at the PergolaCramoisi superieur China Rose climber 1885, Mrs. BR Cant Tea Rose 1901, Ducher China Rose 1869, Bermuda Kathleen Bermuda Mystery RoseVarious colors all antique or old garden roses for the south Crosses originally from China to Europe
Yellow AllamandaAllamanda catharticaYellow trumpet flowersTropical America

Edison Guest House Gardens

African IrisDietes iridioidesWhite flowers with purple signals and yellow centerSouth Africa
Bougainvillea ‘Imperial Delight’Bougainvillea sp.Variable pink-colored bractsBrazil
Crown of ThornsEuphorbia milliYellowish-white flowersSouth Africa
Sausage TreeKiglea pinnataBurgundy flowers held on pendulous strands Tropical Africa
Tropical BegoniaBegonia odorata ‘alba’White flowersSouth Africa
Yesterday, Today, TomorrowBrunfelsia paucifloraPurple, lavender to white flowers (change colors)Brazil

Edison Gardens (Riverside)

Calabash TreeCresentia cujeteGourd shaped fruit forms on trunkCentral America
Candlenut TreeAleurites moluccanaSmall white flowersSE Asia
Cycad CollectionOldest known seed-bearing plant; eaten by dinosaursAfrica and Asia
FrangipaniPlumeria albaCentral America, CaribbeanWhite flowers
IxoraIxora chinesisClustered Red star shaped flowersChina
JacarandaJacaranda mimosifoliaBlue flowers Bolivia, Argentina
Loquat-Leaved FigFicus saussureanaYellow fruitTropical Africa
Roxburgh’s FigFicus auriculataGreen fruit on trunk and stemsSouth China
White Orchid TreeBauhiia hookeriWhite flowersAustralia

Edison Gardens (Mcgregor Side)

Alamanda ‘Cherries Jubilee’Alamanda catharica x cherries jubileeCherry colored flowersTropical America
Antique RosesLouis Phillipe China Rose 1834red Crosses with other classes of roses
Blue PlumbagoPlumbago auriculataSky blue flowersSouth Africa
JackfruitArtocarpus heterophyllusLarge oval shaped green fruitCentral America, India
LonganEuphorbia longanaSmall flowersSE Asia
Queen’s WreathPetrea volubilisPurple drooping flowersCaribbean
Shaving Brush TreePseudobombax ellipticumPink shaving brush flowersTropical America
Tamarind TreeTamarindus indicaBrown seed pods used in Worcestershire sauceEast Africa
Variegated PineappleAnanas comosus ‘variegatus’Ornamental bright red pineapple on topCentral America
White SapoteCasiminoa edulisGreen round fruit-not ripe yetMexico
Ylang Ylang TreeCananga odorataYellow fingerlike fragrant flowers-perfume tree essential oil in Chanel #5SE Asia

Ford Gardens

Bleeding Heart VineClerodendrum thomsonaieWhite bracts with red center flowersWest Africa
Green ButtonwoodConocarpus erectusGreen seed podsFlorida Native
Jatropha TreesJatropha integerrimaClusters of small red flowersCuba
Joy Perfume TreeMagnolia champaca ‘alba’White fragrant flowrsSE Asia
MangoesMangifera indicafruitsIndia, West Indies
Mexican Flame VinePseudogynoxys chenopidiodesOrange daisy like flowers on a climbing vineMexico
Oranges, Grapefruit, Lime, Lemon, Tangerine, KumquatCitrus sp. White fragrant flowers followed by green fruitChina
Red Hibiscus, Chinese HibiscusHibiscus rosa-sinensisBright red flowers; state flower of HawaiiTropical Asia
Red PowderpuffCalliandra haematocephalaSeedpods visibleBrazil
Royal PoincianaDelonix regiaTall tree with vibrant orange flowersMadagas-car
Shell GingerAlpinia zerumbet speciosaWhite flowersAsia
Simpsons StopperMyricanthes fragransWhite fragrant flowersFlorida Native

Note: Orchids and Bromeliads are in bloom in various locations throughout the Edison Ford gardens.

Many new citrus trees have been planted to represent the original Edison and Ford collections, including varieties of oranges, grapefruit, kumquats, limes, lemons, and calamondins. They are blooming and fruiting throughout the year.

Edison Ford Garden Shoppe open daily 9AM - 5:30PM.
Edison Ford Garden Tours offered every Tuesday at 10:30AM.

For more Edison Ford Garden information on "What's Blooming in May" contact the Edison Ford Horticulturist at 239-334-7419!