What's Blooming in January

Heritage Plants Available in the Garden Shoppe

Several of the plants that grew on the property during Thomas Edison's time are available for sale in the Edison Ford Garden Shoppe. We select plants that are seasonally appropriate and are happy to provide horticultural tips. We also carry many organic products for the vegetable garden. This month's available plants are as follows:

African MahoganyKhaya senegalensis$20
AgaveAgave cultivars$6-10
Assorted Flowering Annualsblue daze, bulbine,geranium, alyssum, dusty miller, scaevola or fan flower, vinca, lobelia, bacopa, wire vine, calibrochoa, angelonia, snapdragon$1.50-5
Begonias Angel wing, rhizomatous, odorata$5-10
Brazilian Cloak Megaskpasma$21
BromeliadsCryptanthus, Tillandsias, Neoreglia, Aechmeas $3-20
Cactus and succulentsVarious single plants and arrangements$5-$30
Copperleaf and Chenille shrubsAcalypha spp. various$12
Crinum liliesCrinum sp. Various varieties$5-10
Crown of Thorns 6 and 1 gallonEuphorbia $6-$15
Dwarf Pitch AppleClusea rosea ‘nana’$7
FernsHolly, Wart, Elkhorn, $10
Flowering Trees Yellow and Orange Geiger Trees, Jamaican Rain Tree, White Champaca, Royal Poincian,Verawood, Jacaranda, Jerusalem Thorn, Ylang Ylang$20-$100
Grafted Gardenia ‘Miami Supreme’Gardenia jasminoides$25
Green Island FicusFicus microcarpa ‘green island’$10
Herbs and VeggiesMany varieties $1-5
HibiscusHibiscus rosa-sinesis cultivars$15-$65
Hypertufa potsHandmade using Portland cement, moss, perlite$12-$40
IxoraIxora varieties$10
Jasmine-arabian,star, and confederate, and night bloomingJasmine sambac Jasmine robusta, $10-$20
Trachelospermum jasminoides, Cestrum nocturnum
Lady and Princess of the NightBrunfelisa lacte, nitida, and gigantea$20
Orange Bird of ParadiseStrelizia reginae$21
OrchidsVarious varieties along with Orchid supplies$5-$50
PalmsFoxtail, Royal, Puerto Rican Hat$10-35
Passion VinePassiflora sp.$20
Powder puff ShrubsCallinandra suranemensis, and haematocephala $21
Sea GrapeCocoloba uvifera$13-$25
Sweet Almond BushAloysia virgata$7-$20
Tropical Fruit TreesFig, Jackfruit, Avocado, Allspice, Lychee, Mango, Pitomba, grumichama, guava, jaboticaba, Carambola(starfruit), Mulberry$25 up
Various Butterfly/Native Plants pentas, lantana, porterweed, , milkweed, cassias, firecracker, dutchman’s pipevine, passion vine, mist flower, jatropha$1.50-20
Various container additionsSedum, pepperomia, hoya, lysmachia (golden globes)$2-$8
Various vines Wild yellow allamanda, passion vine, pipevine$20-30

Plants Currently Blooming with Fruit or Seedpods


(Behind the Edison Botanic Research Lab)

Organic VICTORY GARDEN contains a variety of seasonal produce grown by Edison Ford horticultural staff.  Many items such as plants, seeds, compost, fertilizers, and other soil amendments are sold in the Edison Ford Garden Shoppe.

Members and Community Garden-raised bedsVarious veggies, herbs, and fruitsIndividual plots of chosen veggies started from seeds or seedlingsWorldwide1
Red PowderpuffCalliandra haematocephalaRed powderpuff flowersTropical America2

Edison Research Gardens

(Parking lot side of property)

Bead Tree/Red Sandalwood TreeAdenanthera pavoniaRed seeds in a twisted open pod Asia1
Yellow IxoraIxora coccineaYellow star shaped flowers in grouped in a large clusterSE Asia1
African Tulip TreeSpathodea campanulataLarge orange upright flowersAfrica2
Devil TreeAlstonia scholarisSmall fragrant white flowersSE Asia & Australia3
Edison Research BedsRubber vine, milkweed, goldenrod, crown of thorns, poinsettiaVarious rubber plants for white latex Worldwide4

Banyan Tree Area

Lofty Fig or Council TreeFicus altissimaRed fruitSE Asia1
Banyan TreeFicus benghalensisMany auxiliary trunks, figs ripening redIndia2
(Edison signature tree)
Ixora or Flame of the WoodsIxora chinesisBright red flowers in clustersSouth China3

Heritage Garden

(Next to ticket office)

Herb and vegetable gardens reflect the gardens the Edisons planted in this area.  Extra fruits and vegetables that the Edison family and staff did not consume were sold in downtown Fort Myers.

BougainvilleaBougainvillea ‘Daniel Bacon and Margaret Bacon’ Watermelon colored bracts and purple colored bractsSouth Pacific1
Crinum lilyCrinum sp. White spider-like flowersSouth Africa, Asia2
Butterfly Plants Various host and nectar plants Tropical Sage, Porterweeds, Golden Dewdrop, Jatropha, Privet cassia, milkweed, white vine, passionvine, coral honeysuckle, blue plumbago pentas, blue pea vine, sweet almond bush, lantanaFL Natives2
Pin Cushion TreeSarcocephala latifoliusPin cushion creamy white ballsAfrica3
Yellow Geiger TreeCordia luteaYellow clustered trumpet shaped flowersTropical America4
Lily of the Valley Tree or MakokEleocarpus grandiflorus Drooping white flowersSE Asia4
Papaya, Paw PawCarica papaya Creamy drooping flowersNative 5
Lucky Nut, Yellow OleanderThevetia peruviana Light yellow flowersCentral America, Mexico6
Wildflower GardenVarious wildflower speciesBeach sunflower, twinflower, wild petunia, coreopsis, yellowtop, tropical sage, scorpions tail, mulhy grass, FL. Natives6

Edison Caretaker's Gardens

Dwarf Ylang YlangDesmos chinensisYellow finger-like flowers Tropical Asia1
Lady of the Night Brunfelsia plicataCreamy extremely fragrant blossomsJamaica1
Angel TrumpetBrugmansia sp. Large trumpet shaped drooping white flowersTropical America1
StarfruitAverrhoa carambolaPink flowers India to China2
Yellow Star Fruit forming
GambogeGarcinia xanthochymusGreen fruit formingChina, India, SE Asia, 2
Ross SapotePouteria sp. Small green fruit formingCentral America2
Egg Fruit or Canistel TreePouteria campechiana ‘trompo’Tiny green fruit formingSouth America3
Gardenia Gardenia jasminoidesFragrant white flowerChina1
Hong Kong Orchid Tree Bauhinia x blankeana seedless hybridPurple flowersSE Asia1
Golden ChampacaMagnolia champacaGreen clustered seed podsChina, India, SE Asia1
Bougainvillea Bougainvillea glabraPurple bracts with small white flowersSouth Pacific2
Red Button GingerCostus woodsoniiYellow edible flowers emerging from red bractsSE ASia1
Crinum lilyCrinum asiaticumWhite spider like bloomsIndia2
Chenille PlantAcalphya hispidaRed droops of flowersSouth Pacific3
Dwarf PoincianaCaesalpinia pulcherrimaSeparate trees bear Red or pink flowered West Indies3

Moonlight Garden

(Next to Edison Caretaker's House & Edison's Little Office)

Sweet Almond BushAloysia virgataWhite fragrant flowersArgentinaMcGregor side perimeter-outside moonlight garden
White Mandevilla vineAllamanda bolivenensisWhite trumpet shaped flowersTropical SouthInside moonlight on McGregor side
Bougainvillea,Bougainvillea spectabilis Red bracts; BrazilSurrounds moonlight garden perimeter
‘Barbara Karst’white flowers
Tropical BegoniaBegonia odorata albaWhite flowersTropicsInside Moonlight garden beds
PentasPentas lanceolataClustered umbels of white star shaped flowersEast AfricaPlanted throughout
Antique RosesRosa spp.Pink rosette flowers/Northern HemisphereOn walkway at entrance and at chimney trellis
‘ white pet’, ‘Marie Pavie’ and ‘Prosperity’White clustered flowers
Water liliesNymphea hybridsPink, purple, lilac flowersTropical HybridInside reflecting pool
Angel TrumpetBrugmansia suaveolensSalmon coloredSE BrazilSouth side perimeter and East side perimeter
And white ‘Super Nova’

Edison Pool Area

Banana Musa acuminataFruits visibleSoutheast Asia and Australia1
Wild PlumbagoPlumbago scandensWhite flowersNative to FL. 2
Dahoon HollyIlex cassineRed berriesFL. Native3
Coconut Palms Cocos nuciferaGreen fruitCaribbean, Pan-tropics4

Edison Rose Garden

(Next to Edison Main House)

A formal garden of antique roses, representing Mina Edison’s interest in roses, has been installed on the north side of the Edison House. A long list of her roses is in the Edison archives. Roses with an *asterisk were on Mina Edison's rose list from an invoice dated 1903 planted on the property.

Mutabilis (1894)China roseFlower opens yellow, changes to orange to pink and then crimsonChina
Louis Phillipe (1834)China roseDouble deep crimson flowers with a blush centerChina
Maitland White (date unknown)Noisette roseWhite flowersUnknown
Madame Josephine Schwartz (1880) *Noisette roseOn Mina Edison’s 1920 rose list; white cabbage- shaped flowers China
Mademoiselle Franziska Kruger (1880)*Tea roseWhite, near white, or white blended with pink flowersChina
Mrs. Dudley Cross (1907)Tea roseDouble yellow flowers that blush pink in sunEngland
SpiceUnknown found Pinkish-yellow fragrant Bermuda
Safrano (1839) *Tea RoseLoose apricot pink flowersFrance
Blush Noisette (1817)Noisette roseCupped double blush white flowersSouth Carolina
Marie van Houtte (1871)*Tea roseYellowish-pinkFrance
Perle des Jardins (1890)*Tea roseOrange to golden pinkFrance
Madame LombardTea roseDeep pink France

Edison Main House Gardens

Chenille PlantAcalypha hispida Red flowers South Pacific1
PeriwinkleCatharanthus roseusWhite flowersSouth Africa1
Ground OrchidsSpathoglottis plicataTerrestrial orchidsSouth Africa2
Yesterday Today TomorrowBrunfelsia paucifloraPurple, lavender, white flowersBrazil2
Bougainvillea ‘Barbara Karst’Bougainvillea sp. Fushia bractsBrazil2
Old Garden RosesKathleen’s Bermuda Mystery, Mrs. B R. Cant, Cramoisi Superieur, DucherPinks, reds, and whitesNoisettes, Chinas, Teas, and Climber Classes of Roses4
Queen’s WreathPetrea volubilisLavender flowersMexico,CentralAmerica4
Yellow allamandaAllamanda catharticaYellow trumpet shaped flowerSouth America5

Edison Guest House Gardens

Bougainvillea ‘Imperial Delight’Bougainvillea sp.Variable pink-colored bractsSouth Pacific1
Crown of ThornsEuphorbia milliYellowish-white flowersSouth Africa2
Kings MantleThunbergia erectaBlue flowersIndia2
Tropical BegoniaBegonia odorata ‘alba’White flowersSouth Africa3
Yesterday Today TomorrowBrunfelsia paucifloraPurple, lavender, white flowersBrazil3
Queen’s WreathPetrea volubilisLavender flowersMexico,CentralAmerica4
Sausage TreeKigelia pinnataBurgundy flowers followed by sausage shaped fruitTropical Africa5
Travelers PalmRaveneala madagascarensisLarge white flowersMadagascar6

Edison Gardens (Riverside)

Cycad collection Many genus and speciesOldest known seed-bearing plant; eaten by dinosaursAfrica and Asia1
Blue MahoeTalipariti elatumBurgundy flowersCaribbean2
Cape HoneysuckleTecoma capensisOrange flowersCaribbean3
Turks Cap or Sleepy HibiscusMalvaviscus penduliflorusScarlet flowers that appears to not have openedMexico to Central America3
Sweet AcaciaVachellia farnesianaYellow powderpuff fragrant flowersFL. Native4
Loquat-leaved FigFicus saussureanaYellow fruitTropical Africa5
Roxburgh Fig TreeFicus auriculata Green fruit borne on trunkChina6
Candle TreeParmentiera cereiferaLong slender green seed podsPanama1
IxoraIxora chinesisClustered Red star shaped flowersChina2
Calabash TreeCresentia cujeteGourd shaped fruit forms on trunkCentral America3

Edison Gardens (Mcgregor Side)

Cluster FigFicus racemosaGreen fruit on trunkAsia1
StarfruitAverrhoa carambolaYellow star-shaped fruit and pink flowersIndia2
Ylang Ylang TreeCananga odorataYellow fingerlike fragrant flowers-perfume tree essential oil in Chanel #5SE Asia1
Tamarind Tree Tamarindus indicaBrown seed pods used in Worcestershire sauce-tiny yellow flowersEast Africa2

Ford Gardens

Green ButtonwoodConocarpus erectusSmall green berry-type fruitFL. Caribbean1
Simpson’s StopperMyrcianthes fragransRed berriesFL. Native1
FirebushHamelia patensOrange flowersFL. Native1
Satin Leaf TreeChryophyllum oliviformeTiny yellow flowersFL. Native1
Glory bower ‘bleeding heart’Clerodendrum thomsoniaeWhite flowers with red centerWest Africa2
Louis Phillipe Rosa sp.- Old garden rosesPink and light red flowersChina2
Mysore Fig or Ficus drupaceaDark colored oval fruitS.E. Asia3
Brown Wooly Fig
PowderpuffsCalliandra haematocephalaRed and whiteBolivia4
powder-puff flowers
Carib Queen TreeTabebuia haemanthasFushia colored flowersPuerto Rico5
Jatropha TreesJatropha integerrimaClusters of small red flowers, also a pink varietyCuba1
PowderpuffsCalliandra haematocephalaRed and whiteBolivia1
powder-puff flowers
Oranges, Grapefruit, Lime, Lemon, and Tangerine, Citrus sp. White fragrant flowers followed by green fruitChina2
Starfruit Averrhoa carambola ‘Fwang Tung’Tiny pink flowers with yellow star-shaped fruitTropical Asia2
Blue PlumbagoPlumbago auriculataSky blue flowersSouth Africa3
Clara Ford Rose Garden Old Garden RosesWhite, yellow, pink, and apricot colored flowers Crosses from Europe and China4
Morton Bay FigFicus macrophyllaYellow fruitAustralia5

Note: Orchids and Bromeliads are in bloom in various locations throughout the Edison Ford gardens.

Many new citrus trees have been planted to represent the original Edison and Ford collections, including varieties of oranges, grapefruit, kumquats, limes, lemons, and calamondins. They are blooming and fruiting throughout the year.

Edison Ford Garden Shoppe open daily 9AM - 5:30PM.  
Edison Ford Garden Tours offered every Tuesday at 10:30AM. 

For more Edison Ford Garden information on "What's Blooming in January" contact the Edison Ford Horticulturist at 239-334-7419!