What's Blooming in December

Heritage Plants Available in the Garden Shoppe

Several of the plants that grew on the property during Thomas Edison's time are available for sale in the Edison Ford Garden Shoppe. We select plants that are seasonally appropriate and are happy to provide horticultural tips. We also carry many organic products for the vegetable garden. This month's available plants are as follows:

Allamanda Vine Brown BudAllamanda cathartica$12
AllspicePimenta dioica
Assorted Flowering Annuals(Many varieties)$1.50-5
AvocadoPersea americana$30
Bananas ‘Truly Tiny’$8
BambooVarious varieities (clumping only)$30-$150
Banyan TreeFicus benghalensis$25-35
Barbados CherryMalpighia glabra$20
Tropical Begonia ShrubBegonia odorata alba$6-$12
Bo TreeFicus religiosa$20-35
Bougainvillea (Several Varieties)Bougainvillea spp.$10-75
BromeliadsTillandsias (air plants)$3-10
Bull-Horn AcaciaAcacia$15
Cactus and SucculentsVarious$5-15
CaladiumsCaladiums many varieties$4
Citrus Various Sizes (we can order)Ctrus sp. $20-$120
Copperleaf ShrubsAcalypha spp. various$6-12
CrotonsCroton sp. $6-10
Desert RoseAdenium sp. $15-30
Dwarf Crape MyrtlePink and lavender flowers$15
Dwarf PoincianaCaesealapinia pulcherrima$10-$25
Grafted GardeniasGardenia jasminoides varieties grafted on rootstock$25
Herbs(Many varieties)$2-5
Mango (Several Cultivars)Mangifera indica$35.00
Orchids and SuppliesVarious varieties$5-$40
PalmsFoxtail and Royal$10-20
Pink BallDombeya wallachii x seminole$15
Roses (Heritage and Modern)Various$10-30
Staghorn FernsPlatycerium bifurcatum$10-20
Strawberry PotsWith or without plants$150-200
Various Butterfly/Native PlantsPorterweed, passion vine, almond bush, Jatropha bush, shooting star, texas sage, firespike/purple and red$1.50-20
Various Container AdditionsSedum, sweet potato vine, coleus,$2-$8

Plants Currently Blooming with Fruit or Seedpods

Edison Research Gardens

(Parking lot side of property)

African Tulip TreeSpathodea campanulataOrange flowersTropical Africa
Bangar NutSterculia foetida5 petaled red flowersEast Africa, Northern Australia
Bead Tree, Red SandalwoodAdenanthera pavoninaSeed pods curl exposing bright red seedsAsia and South-western Pacific
Cassod TreeCassia siameaBrown seed podsIndia, Sri Lanka
CopperpodPeltophorum pterocarpumYellow bloom spikeSE Asia, N. Australia
JacarandaJacaranda hybridPurple tubular flowers
Physic Nut TreeJatropha curcusSmall green podsTropical Americas
Royal PoincianaDelonix regiaBright red bloomsMadagascar
Rubber VineCryptostegia madagascarensisLavender flowersMadagascar
Tung OilVernicia fordiiGreen round fruitCentral Asia
White FrangipaniPlumeria rubraWhite fragrant flowersCaribbean
Yellow IxoraIxora coccinea ‘maui yellow’Yellow flowersSE Asia

Estates Heritage Garden

(Next to Ticket Office)

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Estates Butterfly Garden

(Behind Heritage Garden)

Nectar and host plants necessary for native butterflies - zinnia, porterweed, passion vine, lantana, salvia, galliardia, pentas, milkweed, bahama cassia, desert cassia, yellowtop, goldenrod, firespike, dotted horsemint.

Edison Estates Area

(Edison Caretaker's House, Pool, Edison Little Office & Estates Coconut Grove)

Cross McGregor Blvd and proceed along sidewalk to entrance/security gate.

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Edison Moonlight Garden

(Next to Edison Caretaker's House & Edison Little Office)

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Mina Edison Rose Garden

(Next to Edison Ford House)

A formal garden of antique roses has been installed on the north side of the Edison House. This represents Mrs. Edison’s interest in roses. A long list of her roses is in the Edison archives. Roses with an *asterisk were on Mina’s 1929 list.

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Edison Estate Area Riverside

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Pergola and McGregor Boulevard side of Edison Main
& Guest House

The area of the pergola between the Edison and Guest house has been newly planted with specimens both historical and modern in accordance with the 1928-1930 maps.

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Ford Estate

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Note: Orchids and Bromeliads are in bloom in various locations throughout the Estates gardens.

Many new citrus trees have been planted to represent the original Edison and Ford collections, including varieties of oranges, grapefruit, kumquats, limes, lemons, and calamondins. They are blooming and fruiting throughout the year.

Estates Garden Shoppe open daily 9AM - 5:30PM. 
Botanical Tours offered every Tuesday and Saturday at 10AM. 

For more Estates Gardens information on "What's Blooming in December" contact the Estates Horticulturist at 239-334-7419!