Cyclical Maintenance Taking Place at Edison Guest House


Contact: Chris Pendleton, President & CEO – 239-334-7419, Janet Wilson, Public Relations – 239-334-7419


Fort Myers, FLA (October 9, 2014) The Edison & Ford Winter Estates is undergoing regular cyclical maintenance at the Seminole Lodge Guest House, the historic building adjacent to the winter residence of Thomas Edison.  The Main House, other historic buildings and gardens remain open and fully accessible. The project to be completed in early November includes roofing, walkways and painting.  While the work is underway, Return Passes will be offered to the public for a return visit. 

     It has been ten years since the award-winning overall $10 million restoration was completed at the Edison Estate.  Every autumn before season, the curatorial staff at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates inspects the homes again as part of the maintenance regime. 

     Next year, the Edison Main House will undergo a similar maintenance process.  The protocol for the maintenance of the residences is to ensure the National Register Historic Site remains in excellent condition for generations to come. As an award-winning site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, great effort is taken for the least amount of visitor impact and also education of the processes of conservation.  

   Built in 1886, the Edison Guest House hosted many famous visitors such as President-elect Herbert Hoover, Harvey Firestone, and Henry Ford.  They enjoyed the Edison’s home, guest house, garden and may have also worked in the lab. 

    The cedar wood shingles on the structure were common in Victorian Queen Anne-style architecture, and were also used on the Main House. The color of these shingles was determined through paint analysis done during the initial restoration and also shingles found under the roof, and reflects the red-brown shade used by the Edison family from approximately 1890 on.  It is manufactured by Benjamin Moore and is a special mix made for the match to the Edison historic buildings (Benjamin Moore Arborcoat, #638, Edison Roof Red).

     The team for the work includes analysis by Parker Mudgett Smith Architects, Casey Construction, Crowther Roofing and Anthony Bone Painting.  Work will be completed before the annual installation of Holiday Nights in November

     Other property maintenance this season include sidewalks and the painting of fences.  Edison Ford’s curatorial staff takes pro-active steps to preserve Florida’s national treasure in Fort Myers – and it shows.

     Edison Ford is open daily from 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. The Edison Ford is the winner of the 2009 National Stewardship Award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation and is an official project of “Save America’s Treasures” at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, a Florida Historic Landmark and a National Register Historic Site. For additional information call 239-334-7419 or visit our home page.

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