Frequently Asked Questions

How do I donate an item to the Edison & Ford Winter Estates?

To donate an item to the Estates, please complete our "How to Donate An Item" Form

How can I request an historic photograph?

To request a photo from the Estates, please complete our Photograph Request Form.

How can I find out more about an item in the Edison and Ford Winter Estates collection?

To obtain information about an item in the collection, please complete our Information Request Form.

How do I find out who can fix and/or evaluate my phonograph?

The Edisonia Information List provides resources for antique appraisers and repair.

How can I identify an antique light bulb?

The Edisonia Information List provides resources for light bulb information.

How much is my antique Edison/Ford item worth?

The Edison & Ford Winter Estates staff cannot appraise or place a value on any item.  However, contacts for professional appraisers can be found under the column titled “Appraisers” on our Edisonia Information List.

I am writing a paper or conducting research on Thomas Edison and/or Henry Ford. 

A good place to start is our list of Edison & Ford Websites, Books & DVDs. Another option is to visit our brief Biographies section.

How can I get an answer to a specific question about Thomas Edison or Henry Ford?

Complete the  Information Request Form

How do I request information on an employee of Thomas Edison or Henry Ford?

All records of employees of Thomas Edison, even those who worked for him in Florida, are housed at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park.  Records of Henry Ford’s employees may be found through the Benson Ford Research Center of the Henry Ford Museum.

Is it possible to search your collections online?

Not at this time, but to make an appointment to view our collections please contact the archivist or call 239-334-7419. 

May I ask research questions without visiting the archives?  Is there someone at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates Archives who can do research for me?

We are not able to conduct research for patrons, but we are happy to answer informational questions that do not require extensive research, via our Information Request Form.  Please allow 72 hours for a response.

What are you rules and policies for using the archives?

Please refer to the Estates Research Policies & Procedures.

When is your archival collection open? 

The archives are open by appointment.  Please contact the archivist or call 239-334-7419 for an appointment. 

To contact the Edison & Ford Winter Estates about research or collections or for more information on our FAQs call 239-334-7419 oremail the Cuatorial Department.